Protecting the Interests of both Landlords and Tenants
Landlord-tenant disputes often revolve around the misinterpretation of terms in a lease. One of the best ways to deal proactively with these disputes is to draft precisely worded lease agreements. At the Law Office of Peter C. Edwards LLC, we represent landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential leasing arrangements. If you need advice about a leasing arrangement at a reasonable cost, contact attorney Peter C. Edwards, for a free initial consultation.

Landlord-Tenant Eviction Issues
To evict a tenant, landlords must file an eviction lawsuit. Landlords cannot forcibly evict a tenant on their own. The eviction process could take approximately four to six weeks, but affords tenants the opportunity to contest an eviction. As a landlord, you can be liable for damages if you fail to go through the legal eviction process. Lawyer Peter C. Edwards, will ensure you evict tenants lawfully. We also represent tenants facing eviction.

Some common situations that lead to an eviction include:
•    The non-payment of rents
•    Violation of noise restrictions
•    Owning a pet in violation of a lease
•    A tenant convicted of a drug crime

Drafting Lease Agreements
One of the best ways to deal with landlord-tenant disputes proactively is by drafting a thorough lease. By clearly defining the rights and obligations of the parties, a lease is one of the best ways to avoid confusion about a rental arrangement. Our firm represents both tenants and landlords during lease negotiations, and the drafting of lease agreements. We ensure you consider all aspects of a lease.